jackcpp version 0.3.1
A C++ class wrapping most of the jack client functionality, a "blocking"
interface for jack and a template class wrapping the jack ring buffer.  There
is also a swig interface generator for making scripting interfaces for the
blockingaudioio class.

by Alex Norman

Works with Linux, Will Wolcott tested with OSX.  Everything works fine except
it seems that there is a bug in the jack implementation that causes crashes
when jack_client_open (called in the constructor) starts a jack server.  It
seems that the OSX version doesn't pause the jack_client_open thread while
starting the server, so calls to jack_connect cause crashes after the server is
automatically started.  Basically, you should start a jack server before you
start your jack clients if you are OSX.

	Jack and its development headers.
	Swig to generate swig wrappers.

	There are doxygen automatically generated docs in doc/

SWIG scripting interfaces.
	see the example script files in the swig directory.

BUILD instructions

Edit to reflect your system setup.

To build:

To install:
	sudo make install

To make tests:
	make test

To make ruby swig interface:
	make ruby

To make lua swig interface:
	make lua

To make python swig interface:
	make python