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What is it?

JackPipe aims to be a set of tools for audio measurements. It requires only semi-professional soundcard and OS Linux. It can work with any soundcard that can run Jack Audio Connection Kit but with less precision.

Currently only one tool is implemented: aat - frequency response measurement tool.


  • CMake >= 2.6
  • GCC >= 4.4 (with OpenMP support)
  • FFTW >= 3.2
  • modified JackCpp library


In the figure below showed frequency response loop made with JackPipe aat tool and Terratec Phase24 firewire soundcard (with libffado drivers). Frequency measurements are made from 5Hz to 25kHz with 5Hz steps, hanning window used. Red curve describes FR of custom made active amplifier with tone control (it's electric guitar pickup emulator actualy)

aat -O loop.dat -w hanning -B 5 -S 25000 -r
aat -O dev.dat -w hanning -B 5 -S 25000 -r

Frequency response