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Welcome to Super-Mon / NakedOS

Super-Mon is a souped up extension of the Apple II System Monitor, adding integrated mini-assembly, labels, code relocation and much more.

NakedOS is a fast and tiny Disk ][ operating system. It is integrated with Super-Mon and also usable on its own for finished programs.

Short is general-purpose programming language that is compact and expressive. Short features high-level constructs such as functions with parameters, local variables, long labels, etc. Also fully integrated with Super-Mon.

All are written from scratch and contain no Apple code (or any other third-party code for that matter.) They are licensed with CC0 placing them in the public domain without restrictions.


  • Jul. 20, 2012: Version 2.0 Super-Mon, 1.2 NakedOS released. Supports the new "Short" programming language.


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