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Super-Mon Release Notes

VersionRelease dateChanges
v2.0Jul. 20, 2012Fully-integrated support for the new "Short" programming language.
Hex->Decimal and Decimal->Hex commands added (requires Short support).
Search command now works for relative branch targets as well as absolute and zero-page.
SmartMove can now relocate zero page variables as well as absolute and relative.
Assembling over a line now resizes the program to fit the new line. Makes revising code a lot easier.
Insert command now defaults to one byte instead of 32 (because resize is so handy, there's less need to make big open spaces).
Disassembly now includes "dash labels" when printing the operands.
v1.1Aug. 1, 2010Program area now defaults correctly to $6000.BFFF [issue <<issue 28>>]
No longer executes junk after missing close-quote [issue <<issue 2>>]
Duplicate labels now print in symbol table dump ("T" command) [issue <<issue 2>>]
No longer executes junk after missing close-quote [issue <<issue 8>>]
Klose now consistently re-lists the code [issue <<issue 3>>]
"-" markers now shown for convenience during assembly [issue <<issue 24>>]
One-step label and assemble [issue <<issue 25>>]
Help command no longer fails after using printer [issue <<issue 23>>]
Release now available as SDK (Shrinkit disk archive) as well as DSK [issue <<issue 30>>]
v1.0Mar. 26, 2010Initial version