Martin Scharrer


This LaTeX package provides "store boxes" which have the same user interface like normal LaTeX "save boxes", but only


A python library for the SVN Dump-Load format ("dumpfiles").


This LaTeX bundle contains the the adjustbox package and its auxiliary packages trimclip and adjcalc. These packages can be used to trim, clip and generally adjust LaTeX content.


This LaTeX package provides macros and an environment to generate timing diagrams (digital waveforms) without much effort. The TikZ (pgf) package is used to produce the graphics. The diagrams may be inserted into text (paragraphs, \hbox, etc.) and into tikzpictures. A tabular-like environment is provided to produce larger timing diagrams.


A collection of files usable for creating minimal working examples (MWE).


The 'fileparse' LaTeX package provides macros for package and document authors


A LaTeX package which provides macros holding the file name information (dir, base name, extension, full name and full path) for files read by LaTeX's \input and \include macros.


This LaTeX packages provides a general foreground and background layer for the current page and allows to store coordinates and code which draws between them on this layers.


This LaTeX bundle allows TeX pictures or other TeX code in sub-files to be compiled standalone or as part of a main document.


The 'ydoc' LaTeX class and packages provide macros and environments to document LaTeX packages and classes.

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