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Added description of 'multido' option.

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 % \fi
-% \CheckSum{3667}
+% \CheckSum{3725}
 % \CharacterTable
 %  {Upper-case    \A\B\C\D\E\F\G\H\I\J\K\L\M\N\O\P\Q\R\S\T\U\V\W\X\Y\Z
 % It should be noted that which \opt{preview} such material is always ignored while not affecting local settings.
 % Therefore the \opt{ignorrest} option can be seen as a compatibility setting to make \opt{crop} act more like \opt{preview}, if this is required by the user.
+% \DescribeKey{multido}'=true|false'
+% Often the \pkg{multido} package with its \Macro\multido macro is used
+% to produce several iterations of a diagram. Usually every iteration
+% should be placed on a seperate page. This option simplifies this task
+% be changing \Macro\multido to automatically wrap the content
+% (3rd argument) in a \opt{multi} environment. 
+% For this the option sets the option \opt{multi}|=samultido|, loads the 
+% \pkg{multido} package and redefines its internal macro \Macro\multido@.
+% This is done to also support the other macros \Macro\mmultido,
+% \Macro\Multido and \Macro\MMultido.
+% The \opt{ignorerest} option is supported by \opt{multido} because special
+% care is taken to not ignore the \Macro\multido macros.
+% The nesting of \Macro\multido macros is supported and only the outer one
+% will produce pages while the inner ones are acting normally.
 % \DescribeKey{varwidth}'=true|false'
 % \DescribeKey{varwidth}'='<width>
 % A trailing empty line between the content and \Macro\end{document}\relax will normally create a paragraph which is \Macro\linewidth wide.