`convert` option and `babel` package incompatible

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The convert option of standalone class and babel package are incompatible as shown by the compilation of the following M(N)WE:


which fails with the following error:

! Package babel Error: Unknown language `english'. Either you have
(babel)                misspelled its name, it has not been installed,
(babel)                or you requested it in a previous run. Fix its name,
(babel)                install it or just rerun the file, respectively.

See the babel package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.2 \select@language{english}


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  1. Martin Scharrer repo owner

    I debugged it now to line 1470 where I reread the AUX file internally to transport a number from the subprocess to the main process. This causes this problem because the AUX file is read to early, i.e. before the babel package is loaded.

    I need to rewrite this part.

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