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Issue #25 resolved
David Carlisle created an issue

Ulrike reported a problem with standalone page size in tl2016

dvips only takes the first pagesize special in the dvi file (dvipdfm just takes the last on the first page)

standalone appears to insert the special in \end{document} so it has no effect if a \special{pagesize=... has already been inserted.

This is more noticeable in texlive 2016 as color/graphics dvips options now set this, to match the behaviour the pdftex option has always had.

the user can add

\usepackage[nosetpagesize]{graphics}% or color

to stop this, but standalone could add the special to the front, perhaps via

\global \setbox \@begindvibox
        \@percentchar\@percentchar HiResBoundingBox: 0 0 \the\paperwidth\space\the\paperheight^^J%
\unvbox \@begindvibox }%

see for example the discussion around

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