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Issue #7 resolved
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Calling package with "build" option results in error.

Calling this simple file:


gives error:

! Undefined control sequence.
\reserved@b ...thoptions #1[{build={jobname=\file 
                                                  }}][{}]\noexpand \@pkgexte...

standalone.sty|239 error| Unknown option `build' for package `standalone'.

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  1. Martin Scharrer repo owner

    The error you get is because you are using a macro \file which isn't defined. You can't use backslashes as path seperators in LaTeX. Instead use forward slashes /, even under MS Windows.

    For the last line of your error log I would need to know your exact version of standalone. You simply might have an older version of the package.

    Please also note that having nothing at all in your document isn't a good idea for a test file. The build will not result in an output file in this case. Add at least some simple text.

  2. Martin Scharrer repo owner

    I now tested this with the latest release v1.1b and can acknowledge the error. The definition of the build key got lost at some point by accident. I already readded it in the develop branch but didn't released the change yet.

    I will release a new version in the next days.

  3. twonky

    Thank you! I used \file because its used in the manual as the standard value. i thought is a variable containing the current file name.

  4. Jurgis Pods

    Hi, this error seems to also affect version 1.1a, which is shipped with TexLive 2012 under Ubuntu 13.04. Will this be fixed in a release soon or should I use the development version for now, i.e. under a separate package directory in ~/texfm/tex/latex?

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