Picture created with feynmp package appears cropped

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Mosè Giordano created an issue

Run pdflatex twice on this document

    % External vertices on the left
    % External vertices on the right
    % Labels on external vertices
    % Add a fermion line between `i2', new internal vertex `v' and `o2'
    % Add a single plain line between `i1', new internal vertex `b' and `o1'
    % Add photon line, with label, between `v' and `b'
    % Insert a blob at `b'
    % Add two plain lines between `i1' and `b', one shifted above and the
    % other below the already present plain line
    \fmfi{plain}{vpath (__i1,__b) shifted (thick*(-0.5,2))}
    \fmfi{plain}{vpath (__i1,__b) shifted (thick*(0.5,-2))}
    % Same as above, between `b' and `o1'
    \fmfi{plain}{vpath (__b,__o1) shifted (thick*(0.5,2))}
    \fmfi{plain}{vpath (__b,__o1) shifted (thick*(-0.5,-2))}

The expected output is something like this: the picture produces using standalone class appears cropped, the external labels are gone, and the two lower lines are cut.

I'm using standalone v1.1b, of 2012/09/15. For what is worth, I get the same result with preview package (used in AUCTeX).

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  1. Martin Scharrer repo owner

    Thanks for the bug report, but this issues is caused by the feynmp package. The standalone package crops the page to the official size of the content and this size is set to small by feynmp. Apparently the bounding box does not take the label text and the outer lines of the tripple lines into account. You can see this yourself by placing the same diagram into an article document and add a \frame{..} macro around it. The resulting lines will show you the official size and that it is too small.

    A manual workaround would be to use the border option of standalone to a large enough amount. For a real fix you would need to contact the author of feynmp package.

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