What is wheels?

Wheels is just a library where I collect stuff I think I can reuse.


Many compilers currently support only a small subset of the interesting C++ features. As of this writing, the only compilers with enough support to compile wheels are GCC 4.7 (clang 3.1 has a couple of issues I'll investigate soon). There are no plans to support any older compilers, or compilers with less support for C++ features.


Boost 1.49 is required. It may work with older versions, but I don't plan on supporting them.


Wheels is header-only: you can drop the header files somewhere and #include them.


Documentation is forthcoming. For now the best documentation is the tests and the comments in the code.


Special thanks go to the person that goes by "Luc Danton" in the Lounge<C++> for several ideas.