This module provides a working example of integration between spring-webmvc-portlet and liferay - reducing the boiler plate code that's needed to access liferay services and request attributes.

The module is consists of 6 sub modules - each with their own documentation - so go there to read more:

  • pmd-configuration: a semi-sane PMD ruleset configuration which is used if the modules are built using the paranoid profile.

  • common-parent: a parent-pom which provides a reasonable starting point for a java-6 application, with a paranoid profile (static analysis and test coverage) and other sane maven defaults.

  • liferay-parent: a parent-pom which provides dependencies on the current liferay community edition libraries. This pom uses common-parent as its parent, so it gets all the goodness from there.

  • spring-liferay-parent: a parent-pom which defines dependencies on the relevant spring components for portlet development, along with the liferay dependencies defined in liferay-parent (its parent-pom).

  • spring-liferay-integration: this module provides the core integration between spring and liferay through custom component classes and the namespace configuration to register them in the spring context.

  • sample-portlet: this is a sample portlet which uses the above components to render injected information.