Martin Gergov committed 7e121e0

Added ttl and inorder options to udt write()

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-    def write(self, datagram, addr=None):
+    def write(self, datagram, addr=None, ttl=-1, inorder=True):
         Write datagram to address.
         @type datagram: C{str}
                               DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)
             if self._connectedAddr:
-                self.socket.sendmsg(datagram)
+                udt.sendmsg(self.socket.UDTSOCKET, datagram, len(datagram),
+                            ttl, inorder)
             socket = [v[0] for k, v in self.addresses.iteritems() if  v[1] == addr][0]
-            return udt.sendmsg(socket, datagram, len(datagram))
+            return udt.sendmsg(socket, datagram, len(datagram), ttl, inorder)
         except KeyError:
             print "No key found!"
         except udt.UDTException as ue:
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