Martin Gergov committed bb58ad6

loseConnection is safe to call.

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         #print self.counter
         log.msg("{2}:received {0}:{1}".format(self.counter, data, len(data)))
         if self.counter == 10:
+            self.transport.loseConnection()
         self.counter += 1


         @see: L{twisted.internet.interfaces.IWriteDescriptor.doWrite}.
+        # If we're empty return
+        if len(self.messageBuffer) == 0:
+            #check for graceful disconnection
+            if self.disconnecting:
+                return self._postLoseConnection()
+            return None
         # Send as much data as you can.
-        if len(self.messageBuffer) == 0:
-            return None
         result = self.splitAndSend()
-        if len(self.messageBuffer) == 0:
+        if len(self.messageBuffer) == 0 or result:
             #Really stop writable event
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