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 This package provides integration of udt as a transport protocol in twisted.
 It works by replacing the default epoll reactor with a modified one. Also, it
-provides top-level api for listening and connecting to udt transports.
+provides top-level api(taken mostly from for listening and
+connecting to udt transports.
-Check examples/
+#) Basically use it like you will use TCP in twisted, but all sockets
+   will be in SOCK_DGRAM mode only. Also :code:`write()` has ttl and
+   inorder options.
-When using twistd or trial, put: -r udtepoll
+#) Check examples/
+#) When using twistd or trial, put: -r udtepoll
    for the others they just seem to "hang" (something to do
    with flags, probably)
-#) DatagramProtocol is far from beign a best fit for the high-level interface
-   API. It will be replaced with IProtocol, thus providing a functionality
-   similar to listen/connectTCP.
+#) More options related purely to udt should be included.(e.g. controlling
+   socket creation, buffers, timeouts)
         'major' : 0,
-        'minor' : 1,
+        'minor' : 2,
         'patch' : 0,
 # Utility function to read the README file.