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This package provides integration of udt as a transport protocol in twisted. It works by replacing the default epoll reactor with a modified one. Also, it provides top-level api(taken mostly from tcp.py) for listening and connecting to udt transports.


  1. Basically use it like you will use TCP in twisted, but all sockets will be in SOCK_DGRAM mode only. Also write() has ttl and inorder options.
  2. Check examples/
  3. When using twistd or trial, put: -r udtepoll


  1. PyUDT
  2. twisted


  1. Tests from twisted pass only in internet/ and protocol/, for the others they just seem to "hang" (something to do with flags, probably)
  2. More options related purely to udt should be included.(e.g. controlling socket creation, buffers, timeouts)
  3. UDT does not provide separate error events, instead these will be catched on an attempt read or write. This means that connectionLost will NOT be called as soon as the connection is lost for example.
  4. It is highly recommended to use the latest revision at the udt-git repo https://sourceforge.net/p/udt/git/ (if it doesn't break compatibility with PyUDT).