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Don't allow extending Base, and don't search for extends on classes we don't care for (classes which aren't Base subclasses)

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 Extends provides some tools to filter out extenders you don't need
 based on pretty arbitrary rules.
+Limitations of Extends
+Extending Base
+Extends does not allow for the extension of the ``extends.Base``
+class: not only would that generate some trouble performance-wise, but
+more importantly it has too high a chance of wreaking havoc on two
+different libraries using Extends in the same project.


 class Base(object):
     def __new__(cls):
         base_extenders = get_extends(cls)
-        ancestor_extenders = sum(map(get_extends, cls.mro()[1:]), [])
+        ancestor_extenders = sum(
+            [get_extends(ancestor) for ancestor in cls.mro()[1:]
+             if issubclass(ancestor, Base)
+             if ancestor is not Base], [])
         if not (base_extenders or ancestor_extenders):
             return object.__new__(cls)