masklinn avatar masklinn committed 2b62048

Fix tokenizer for empty single-quoted strings: treating match group as boolean meant empty strings were falsified and the value was set to undefined

alternative: add a third or-ed clause to an empty string, but being strict on matching is probably better

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                 } else if (string_pattern.test(token)) {
                     var m = string_pattern.exec(token);
                     tokens.push(create(symbols['(string)'], {
-                        value: m[2] || m[3]
+                        value: (m[2] !== undefined ? m[2] : m[3])
                 } else if (token in symbols) {
                     var symbol;


+        it("should correctly handle empty strings", function () {
+            expect(py.eval('""'))'');
+            expect(py.eval('u""'))'');
+            expect(py.eval("''"))'');
+            expect(py.eval("u''"))'');
+        });
     describe('Convert from JS', function () {
         it('should produce a py.str', function () {
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