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 These are functions provided to implement ``py`` objects which can be
 used within a ``py.js`` evaluation, they're essentially ``py.js``'s
-version of the Python C API. They live in a ``py`` sub-namespace (and
-are thus accessible via ``[function]``)
+version of the Python C API. They are prefixed with ``PY_``
-.. function::, format)
+.. function:: py.PY_parseArgs(arguments, format)
     Arguments parser converting from the :ref:`user-defined calling
     conventions <calling-conventions-python>` to a JS object mapping
     :raises: ``TypeError`` if the provided arguments don't match the
-    Examples::
+.. class:: py.PY_def(fn)
-, [])
+    Type wrapping javascript functions into py.js callables. The
+    wrapped function follows :ref:`the py.js calling conventions
+    <calling-conventions-python>`
+    :param Function fn: the javascript function to wrap
+    :returns: a callable py.js object
 Implementation details