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Important steps: * include 'validation_extended' in yours INSTALLED_APPS * read docstrings from validation_extended.validation

Package features: - Turns form validation represent like so:

# from validation_extended import AutoValidated

class SomeForm(AutoValidated, django.forms.ModelForm): # or django.forms.Form as base class
class Meta:
model = SomeModel
class Validators:
class RequiresAll:
foo = [foo_validator]

bar = [bar_validator] baz = [baz_validator(5)]

  • Forms can make rules for jquery.validate if form class was inherited from ClientValidation
and all validators were inherited from Validator class and written like so:

# from validation_extended import Validator

class SimpleValidator(Validator):

message = "simple validator error" client_events = "focusout keyup" data = {'values': [1, 2, 3]}

def js_rules(self):
def validated(self, field_name, data):
if not data in['values']:
  • It also provide remote validation. To use it include next lines in your

    # urlpatterns += patterns(

    url(r'^validation/', include('validation_extended.urls')))