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Download repository 187.4 KB 15.3 KB mathematicalcoffee 3127 15.3 KB mathematicalcoffee 914 6.2 KB mathematicalcoffee 149
no-maximus.png 17.8 KB mathematicalcoffee 210
maximus.png 25.8 KB mathematicalcoffee 211
Tag Commit Date Download
tip e0ee436
v9_e.g.o e0cb983
v8_e.g.o 3f66443
v2.1 ecfc950
v7_e.g.o fee52a2
v2.0.1_gnome3.4 9e202b7
v2.0_gnome3.2 5b74202
v6_e.g.o 04a8472
v2.0_gnome3.4 dc1d602
v5_e.g.o 616220a
v2.0 4f41f03
v4_e.g.o 6d80eac
v1.3 8d49f1e
v3_e.g.o 712915b
v1.2 0427661
v1.1 fda208d
v1.0 2e2f0c3
Branch Commit Date Download
default e0ee436
dev-polyglot 68adf64
dev 17dfe30
set_hide_titlebar d51b613
gnome3.4 001dd81
stable 90c483f
whitelists 00a07db
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