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Full-screen flash-videos losing focus

Anonymous created an issue

Great job on the extension so far! The only problem I currently have is the following:

When an Adobe flash player applet in Firefox goes full-screen, it seems as if Maximus is trying to undecorate it. This seems to cause the flash-window to loose focus, which in turn triggers it to deactivate full-screen mode. I can work-around this by a well timed click into the flash-applet immediately when going full-screen. With Maximus turned off this issue does not arise.

Is there a way to blacklist flash player windows? The menu from Maximus settings dialog only offers .desktop-entries for blacklisting. I've read the hint about the WMCLASS on here, but I cannot determine this with the Gnome looking glass since, when in full-screen mode, the looking glass is completely occluded.

Any hints?

Cheers, S.

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  1. Lodorand

    I've found a solution to some flash videos failing to stay fullscreen. Flash videos have the WMCLASS as "Plugin-container" and "plugin-container". Simply adding these two entries to the WMLIST array and blacklisting them will solve the problem.

    const BLACKLIST = true;
    const WMLIST = [ 'plugin-container', 'Plugin-container' ];

    These should be blacklisted by default in the extension. By the way, YouTube videos don't have this problem. For an example of a site that does, try Dailymotion, make a the video fullscreen, then make it normal, then fullscreen again to test whether it's working correctly.

  2. Amy Chan repo owner

    Wow, thanks for that Lodorand. I'll prepare a patch and put it in (there are a number of other things I have to do before releasing a new version on e.g.o though: #7 and #16). Hopefully I'll get time over the Christmas break

  3. Dan Locks

    I occasionally still see this issue, but the code has changed enough for 3.4+ that the wm_class attribute isn't checked anymore. I added this to onMaximize() (right after inList is set)

       win_class = win.get_wm_class();
            if (win_class == 'Plugin-container' || win_class == 'plugin-container') {
                inList = 1;
  4. oscarblabla

    Dwolocks could you point where exactly paste that code? I'm editing the extensions.js of the 3.6 version and I wouldn't know where to put that.

    Eitherway you can update your modified version of maximus.

    Thank you =)

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