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Issue #18 open

Gnome freezing when Kile is being "dragged off" top panel

Anonymous created an issue

Whenever I maximize Kile in Gnome with Maximus and want to unmaximize by dragging it off the top panel, Gnome freezes completely. I observed this behaviour with Kile only so far, without Maximus there is no problem.

This effect seems to be reproducible on Fedora 17 (Gnome 3.4) and Fedora 18 current beta (Gnome 3.6).

Otherwise I love this extension a lot, keep up the goood work!

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  1. MorGothmog

    I experience this issue with all QT apps, which are maximzed on start-up (e.g. QupZilla, Texmaker and QTCreator). Those starting in a normal winow (like TeXmacs, VLC and VirtualBox) can be maximized and unmaximized properly. GTK apps are not affected anyway.

  2. Amy Chan repo owner

    I cannot seem to reproduce this, on 3.4 or 3.6.

    I'm using the latest from the gnome3.4 branch (001dd810c919), and tried with both Texmaker and QtCreator (I didn't want to install digikam as it wants to install all of KDE as dependencies...).

    1. Open texmaker, it opens maximized and is undecorated.
    2. Place my cursor over the top panel and "drag" down
    3. Texmaker follows my cursor
    4. drop it.
    5. Texmaker is unmaximized and redecorated as expected.

    One thing I noticed is that when Texmaker/QtCreator is maximized, the app menu (where it shows the name of the current app) is blank until I click on the window again to focus it, and then "Texmaker" will show up the top. only then does dragging to unmaximize work.

    I am unsure if this is related to this bug, but I will investigate as it does only seem to occur when maximus is on.

    Can you please try with the latest version from the repository?

    hg clone https://mathematicalcoffee@bitbucket.org/mathematicalcoffee/maximus-gnome-shell-extension
    cd maximus-gnome-shell-extension
    hg up 001dd810c919
    make # <-- important!
    cp -rv maximus@mathematical.coffee.gmail.com ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
    gnome-shell --replace

    My preferences are:

    • undecorate half maximised? yes
    • use alternate method? yes
    • [window list is blacklist? yes and nothing in the list]

    If you still experience this bug, can you try again with the default branch?

    hg up e6f0fe97ec1d
    make # <-- important!
    cp -rv maximus@mathematical.coffee.gmail.com ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
    gnome-shell --replace
  3. Amy Chan repo owner

    Changing to 'on hold' until further information is received. Please click 'reopen' when you respond (This is just to help me categorise which bugs I need to work on and which bugs I am waiting on information).

  4. Amy Chan repo owner
    • changed status to open


    I can reproduce this with default using VirtualBox, but only the VM's main window (not the VirtualBox window itself). Also not with texmaker or keepassx. With use alternate method? off. When it is on, the bug is not reproducible.

    I can't reproduce it on the gnome3.4 branch (001dd810c919).

    The boundary appears to be between 96:17dfe3016795 (cannot reproduce) and 99:c0602e943b78 (can reproduce). The cause appears to be delaying the call to decorate(win) until grab-op-end....I have no idea why.

    I get no sort of error message, so must investigate futher.

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