No Window Overview GNOME Shell Extension

This extension either:

  • removes the 'windows' tab from the overview entirely, or
  • keeps the 'windows' tab, but sets the default tab to the 'applications' tab

This is to avoid seeing the window preview unless you really want to.

If you want the windows tab but just not as the default one, this extension will do that in future...

Remove 'Windows' tab entirely Keep 'Windows' tab, but set 'Applications' tab as default
Remove Windows Tab Applications tab as default

If you want the tab but just want to speed up the animation, see the Impatience GNOME shell extension.

You might also consider dispensing with the overview entirely and using the Axe GNOME shell extension instead of this. It basically the overview search functionality to a menu from the 'Activities' button (and looks pretty good, to boot).

Written 2012 by
Project webpage: at bitbucket.


  1. Download the .zip file on the Downloads page.
  2. Open gnome-tweak-tool, go to "Shell Extensions", "Install Extension" and select the .zip file.

For Developers:

This is not yet stable.

  • This currently consists of two bookmarks, 'no-window-tab' and 'default-tab-not-window-tab' which either remove the window tab entirely, or set the default tab to a tab other than the window tab. At some point these may be merged into one extension with a toggle to switch between the behaviours.