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Issue #2 resolved

please update to support gnpme 3.8

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  1. Amy Chan repo owner


    I don't have GNOME 3.8 (I'm still on 3.2!) but you can help!:

    1. how on earth did you get gnome 3.8 without building it?!?! (unstable repos?)
    2. if you change the metadata.json file (~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/status-area-horizontal-spacing@mathematical.coffee.gmail.com/metadata.json) to include "3.8" in the "shell-version" bit and restart gnome-shell, does the extension work (including the prefs)?

    (if so, then it is a simple thing for me to add 3.8 support because I only have to update metadata.json, as opposed to the code itself)

  2. l300lvl

    I just want to verify that this does work on 3.8.

    I'm running under 3.8 on suse 12.3 as of yesterday and I'm working on doing some testing on other extensions as well as updating my own. If you want help testing let me know :)

  3. hadim


    Extension works fine with gnome 3.8. Could you please push a new commit with modified metadata.json, so users don't have to modify it manually ?

    Thank you

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