Running: unzip the package somewhere and run the jar file. Options are presented for an example MDG, an included JDOM dependency graph, or any other SIL file.

SUMO uses SIL files as input and produces refined SIL files after refinement takes place. The format is as follows:

SS(name) = class1, class2, class3
SS(another) = classA, classB, classC
SS(last) = classI, classII, classIII

See class_info/jdom.sil for a more comprehensive example.

Problems & Feature Requests

If you encounter any bugs or have ideas for features please feel free to create an issue in the issue tracker (pull requests are welcome!). If you need help running the tool please send an email to m.hall@dcs.shef.ac.uk.


SUMO relies on various free software libraries. These are distributed with SUMO:

  • CHOCO Constraint Solver
  • Apache Commons Collections
  • Google Guava
  • Prefuse
  • CERN colt

Licenses for these packages are provided in the LICENSES file, and according notices are supplied in the NOTICES.txt file.

The SUMO tool itself is licensed under 3-clause BSD - the SUMO-license.txt file gives the content of the license.