Readme ====== # NaoPlugin This is a plugin for Cedar, adding support for the Nao robot by Aldebaran. # Setup ## Prerequisites To get the plugin working, you need to set up both cedar and Naoqi on your system. Download and compile Cedar (testing) from Download the Naoqi SDK, version 1.14.5 for your operating system from the [Aldebaran website]( You will need to login to the website to get the library. Extract the file to a folder of your choosing, for example ${HOME}/libs/naoqi. tar xzf naoqi-sdk-1.14.5-linux64.tar.gz mv naoqi-sdk-1.14.5-linux64.tar.gz ${HOME}/libs/naoqi Enter the directory and delete all headers and libraries of both Boost and Qt. cd ${HOME}/libs/naoqi rm -r include/boost rm lib/libQt* rm lib/libboost* This is to make sure that these libraries and includes do not interfere with the ones used in cedar. Programs with other libraries used by Naoqi may come up later (e.g. OpenCV), but so far it's working. Make sure that you have versions of Boost and Qt installed that are close to those used by Naoqi (Boost 1.48, Qt 4.8.1). (So far, it works on my system with Boost 1.50 and Qt 4.8.3.) ## Building the plugin Make a copy of the project configuration file cp project.conf.example project.conf and edit it, changing the variable CEDAR_HOME to the folder in which your copy of cedar resides. Similarly, make a copy of CMakeLists.txt.example cp CMakeLists.txt.example CMakeLists.txt and modify the NAOQI_PATH and CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to match the locations on your system. Create a build directory, mkdir build change into it, cd build and build the plugin. cmake .. make The compilation will throw a lot of warnings. These are due to some errors in Naoqi itself. Just ignore them, they have been there since the first version of Naoqi I used... If everything compiled without errors, you should be able to load the plugin in the cedar GUI and start working with Nao.