**TagInfo** is a library for reading media metadata (tags). **TagInfo** is a convenience wrapper for taglib with **C** and **vala** bindings. Features are reading/writing fields like: - Artist name - Album name - Track title - Genre - AlbumArtist - Comments - Disk number - Compilation flag - User labels - Images - Lyrics - Audio properties (length, bitrate, ...) - ... Supported files: Mp3, Ogg, Flac, MPC, Ape, Speex, WavPack, TrueAudio, WAV, AIFF, MP4 and ASF. **TagInfo** is quite fast. Very rough tests have shown that it is about 40 - 60 times faster in file reading that with GStreamer based file reading using the codecs (which obviously is very slow). **This library offers C and vala bindings that provide a lot of features that are not available via TagLib's own C bindings (and the according vala bindings).** **The binding situation was the original motivation for the creation of this library.** *** **TagInfo** can be used from **C++, C and vala** so far. *** This library is under development! API might change, although it has been stabilized in the last months. API will be extended. A few functionalities are not implemented for some file types. *** **PLEASE HELP IMPROVING TAGINFO!** **I would appreciate to collect patches for this library** and improve it for the benefit of everybody that needs a convenient, fast (and toolkit independent) C / Vala API for tag reading/writing. There is a **TODO** file in the project folder listing some things that need to be done. *** - This library has been developed by shuerhaaken for the **[xnoise media player](**. - Parts of the C++ code was extracted from the guayadeque media player and modified to avoid wxWidgets dependencies. - C bindings by shuerhaaken. - Vala bindings by shuerhaaken. *** **If you have questions please ask on the [xnoise mailing list]( !** ***