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Project Name: Editra Author: Cody Precord Email: cprecord@editra.org Licence: wxWindows (see COPYING)




Compatibility: It has been tested on the following systems, but it should run on any system that supports python and wxpython.

Linux: Tested on Gentoo, Suse, and Ubuntu Receives testing when ever my vm doesn't eat my install

Macintosh OS X: Primary development is on OS X so it receives the most direct testing.

Windows XP / Windows 7 Receives regression testing for before each release

Dependencies: If you wish to run the source code you will need to have the following libraries installed.

Required for all systems: Python 2.6 and higher ( http://python.org ) wxPython 2.8.6 ( http://wxpython.org ) (Unicode version) setuptools 0.6 or higher (http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/setuptools) #----------------------------------------------------------------------------#