Editra Installation Instructions for installing from source

Base Dependencies:
python 2.6 or higher (
wxPython 2.8.6 or higher ( (Unicode build suggested)
setuptools 0.6 or higher (

Option 1) Install Editra as a source package: [Linux/Macintosh/Unix/Windows]

When using the source scripts Editra doesn't actually need to be installed it
can be run by un-tarring the source package and executing the script called 
"Editra" in the the root of the un-tarred directory. Alternatively however, if 
you want the script will allow you to install it using distutils.

To install Editra using distutils just do the usual python thing and type:

python install

at your shells command prompt.

Option 2) Installing from Pypi: [Linux/Macintosh/Unix/Windows]

Editra is also available in the python package index and can be installed
from source using easy_install (bundled with setuptools).

easy_install editra

Option 3) Build a Windows exe: [Windows]

To build an exe of Editra for Windows, py2exe ( must 
be installed. After installing py2exe just do the following.

python py2exe --bundle 2

This will build an exe and place it in .\dist\

Option 4) Build a MacOSX app: [Macintosh OSX]

This requires having py2app ( 
installed. If they are installed just issue the following command to 
build an applet.

python py2app

This will create a self contained applet in the ./dist/ directory

Option 5) Build as an egg: [Linux/Macintosh/Unix/Windows]

To make an Python Egg from Editra, setuptools is required. If setuptools is
installed the following command will build an egg that can be installed with
easy install (

python bdist_egg

The Egg will be placed in ./dist/ and can be installed by doing the following

cd dist/
ez_install Editra-x.x.xx-pyXX.egg