Alexandre Rossi committed 135d00e

inverted theme: add prev next links for videos and fix key nav

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 <div xmlns:py=""
+     xmlns:xi=""
     <!--! Display video -->
             <p py:if="original_link"><a href="$original_link">${_('Original video')}</a></p>
         </div> <!-- #media_options -->
+    <div id="media_options" class="wrapper clearfix">
+        <!--! Display previous image thumb -->
+        <div py:if="prev_link" class="prevnext" id="prev_link">
+            <xi:include href="thumb.thtml" py:with="media=prev_link" />
+            <a class="prevnext_text" href="$" title="${_('previous')}"></a>
+        </div>
+        <!--! Display next image thumb -->
+        <div py:if="next_link" class="prevnext" id="next_link">
+            <xi:include href="thumb.thtml" py:with="media=next_link" />
+            <a class="prevnext_text" href="$" title="${_('next')}"></a>
+        </div>
+    </div> <!-- #media_options -->
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