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Update README about moving main repo to https://bitbucket.org/gosimple/listdict

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+# Moved to:
+# <https://bitbucket.org/gosimple/listdict>
 Package ListDict implement Python types: list and dict for Go.
-[Documentation online](http://godoc.org/bitbucket.org/matrixik/listdict)
+[Documentation online](http://godoc.org/bitbucket.org/gosimple/listdict)
 This package bring list and dict to Go with most methods you can find 
 in Python.
 	// Keys() and Values() are unordered, same as in Python
 ### Requests or bugs? 
 ## Installation
-	go get bitbucket.org/matrixik/listdict
+	go get bitbucket.org/gosimple/listdict
 ## License