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Boar / MountingASession

Note for Windows users: this page describes a Linux-only feature. For a similar functionality on Windows, try BoarLinker instead.


If you are using Linux, you can use boar to mount a session, allowing you to browse and read the files without having to check them out first. You will need to have FUSE installed in your system. If you have a recent distribution, it's quite likely already installed.


First, create an empty directory to use as a mount target. The directory will look like it contains all your files.

  • $ mkdir /home/joe/mountdir

To mount the session "MyPictures" from the repository /home/joe/boar_repo to the folder you just created:

  • $ boarmount /home/joe/boar_repo MyPictures /home/joe/mountdir

Done! Now you can look around in mountdir and read files. You cannot change anything, all files are read-only. (If you need to change a file, you still need to check it out in the usual way)

When you are tired of looking at your files, use the FUSE tool "fusermount" to unmount your session:

  • $ fusermount -u /home/joe/mountdir