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Changed loading process for database config to check for config for the set environment first.

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 	// Load the DB config file if a DSN string wasn't passed
 	if (is_string($params) AND strpos($params, '://') === FALSE)
-		include(APPPATH.'config/database'.EXT);
+		$file_path = APPPATH.'config/'.ENVIRONMENT.'/database'.EXT;
+		if ( ! file_exists($file_path))
+		{
+			log_message('debug', 'Database config for '.ENVIRONMENT.' environment is not found. Trying global config.');
+			$file_path = APPPATH.'config/database'.EXT;
+			if ( ! file_exists($file_path))
+			{
+				continue;
+			}
+		}
+		include($file_path);
 		if ( ! isset($db) OR count($db) == 0)
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