Author Commit Message Date
Fix recoder
Display events that don't have lat/long at the top.
Improving handling of private roads.
About page.
CSS update - Overflow only on main page
Fixing heat map.
Moving everything to Json version 4.0.8
Temporarily ignoring tests.
Temporarily ignoring tests.
Attempting move of Newtonsoft.Json files.
Fixing up some references & explicitly referencing some DLLs for AppHarbor.
Adding references to Newtonsoft.Json in Core & Test projects.
Fiddling with versions.
Degrading RavenDB Version to match AppHarbor (RavenHQ).
Trying AppHarbour's logging.
Turning off custom errors for debugging.
Improve `ReoCoder`.
Adding about page & links
Removing empty JS file.
Updating live sockets.
Adding websockets for live updating.
Configuring logging.
Adding logging.
Adding nuget exe.
Adding DB
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