DiscGolfTracker is my attempt at building something useful for me and my friends to track our Disc Golf scores on the weekends. If you don't know what Disc Golf is, this probably isn't the application for you, though I imagine it could be adapted to work for 'normal' golf scores pretty easily.

Right now, this app requires that it's run from a folder name `DiscGolfTracker`, and can be run using Django's built in web-server or my current "production" deployment is on Apache with mod_python. I'm kind of lazy in that I'm using SQLite 3  for the database, since I haven't seen as much use in making it use MySQL.

There are no unit tests written for the application yet, as there is almost no business logic in any of the code base. The only thing that should probably be tested is the handicapping of golfers, but most everything else relies in Django build-in class functionality.

This app has such limited functionality that I don't see a purpose to applying an open-source liscense, but please contact me if you see a usage.
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