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Issue #11 resolved

Re-factor out "java" core classes

Matt Wagner
repo owner created an issue

Things like Tamir.SharpSSH.java.String give me the creeps. They wrap and implicitly convert into C# classes, with no real added value. Also, need to look to re-factor out all of the crappy wrappers for IO streams.

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  1. Matt Wagner reporter
    • changed status to open

    Ugh! The wrapped "Java" classes leak out, I really need to get rid of them since now when I declare a string I have to pick the right package... what a joke.

  2. TaoK

    Minor comment on the probable reasoning behind these Java wrapper classes, as it's not clear that you see any rationale for using them: I imagine the original author wanted to keep the whole library as close to its Java roots as possible, so that enhancements and bugfixes could be painlessly brought in to the C# version. By isolating .Net-to-Java differences in wrapper classes, the whole thing might have remained much more maintainable with regards to its JSch roots.

    That said, given that Jsch went on to be more-or-less consistently maintained for the next 5 years, and SharpSsh was abandoned, I can see how that goal might no longer be realistic anyway.

  3. Matt Wagner reporter

    I'd be inclined to agree with you, particularly as I don't do much maintenance on the library at this point. I no longer use it at work, and my initial modifications were solely geared to that use-case.

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