Any Wizard is a script that replaces colours randomly in a random image with other colours or images, generates a name, and tweets out the result.

How do I get set up?

  • $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Add your Twitter API credentials to config.sample.ini
  • Rename config.sample.ini to config.ini
  • Add replacement images to /images if desired
  • Add template images to /templates
  • $ python

Template image requirements

  • Twitter keeps png files in the png format if the tweeted file has an alpha channel, so make one pixel transparent in any template image
  • 440x220px is recommended since that is the size of preview images on Twitter

Colours that will be replaced (also see colours.png):

  • #ff0000
  • #00ff00
  • #0000ff
  • #cc0000
  • #00cc00
  • #0000cc
  • #660000
  • #006600
  • #000066
  • #ffff00
  • #00ffff
  • #ff00ff
  • #ff9900
  • #00ff99
  • #9900ff

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