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Mounts present disks on startup.

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-- Scan disks on startup
+- actually check for errors from udisks calls
 - declare dependency on python-dbus
 - handle dbus restart
 - properly daemonize
+- set the process name
+    def _mount_device(self, device):
+        if device.is_handleable():
+            filesystem = str(device.id_type())
+            options = []
+            device.mount(filesystem, options)
+  'mounted device %s' % (device,))
+    def mount_present_devices(self):
+        """Mount handleable devices that are already present."""
+        for device in udiskie.device.get_all(self.bus):
+            self._mount_device(device)
     def device_added(self, device):
         self.log.debug('device added: %s' % (device,))
-        udevice = udiskie.device.Device(self.bus, device)
-        if udevice.is_handleable():
-            filesystem = str(udevice.id_type())
-            options = []
-            udevice.mount(filesystem, options)
+        self._mount_device(udiskie.device.Device(self.bus, device))
 def cli(args):
     logging.basicConfig(level=log_level, format='%(message)s')
     mounter = AutoMounter()
+    mounter.mount_present_devices()
     return gobject.MainLoop().run()
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