Configure your Linux home directory with minimal effort


  • Checkout: git clone
  • Change into the linconfig directory cd linconfig
  • run the script ./linconfig


Amix's Ultimate vimrc:

Amix's has created a very well thought out vim configuration file. linconfig downloads this from his git repository and has vimrc source the basic configuration.

Normally, you would run one of the install scripts in the vim_runtime, directory, but sourcing the basic file allows you to easily add your own vim configuration options.

Bash Functions

A collection of useful functions. These have been collected over the years, and I don't know where they've come from. Let me know if they look familiar, and I'll give you credit for them.

  • extract <file> Extract an archive based on file suffix
  • fe <pattern> <command> Find a file with <pattern> in its name and execute <command>
  • ff <pattern> Find a file with <pattern> in it's name
  • fstr <pattern> <files> Find a pattern in a (set) of files
  • maketar <directory> Create a tar file from a given directory
  • makezip <directory> Create a zip file from a given directory
  • swap <file> <file> Swap 2 file names

Bash Projects

Bash Projects is a bash configuration that allows you to more easily work with and switch between projects. It provides the following

  • cdwsp cd into the Workspace directory
  • cdprj cd into the active project
  • cpprj <src> <dest> Copy a project to a new project
  • helpprj Display help for Bash Projects
  • lsprj List projects within the workspace directory
  • mkprj <project> Create a new project
  • mvprj <src> <dest> Rename project and move
  • prjon Turn Bash Projects on
  • prjoff Disable Bash Projects
  • rmprj <project> Remove (Delete) Project
  • swprj <project> Switch Project to <project>

Bash Notes

Bash Notes helps you create and maintain notes from the command line

TODO: Implement Bash Notes


  • bash_aliases A collection of helpfull bash aliases.
  • dir_colors Make your directory listings look pretty
  • bashrc Load all the bash features