Expired Products for OS Commerce: This was created for a 2010 version and may no longer work.


Expired Products adds the ability to flag products with an expiration flag and date. This is very useful when selling things like tickets to events.

This contribution is loosely based on "Products Date Expiry" created by Axel Erpenbach (,2064/category,all/search,events). Axel's contribution uses sql queries to filter out expired products. This is a fine method of handling product expiry, but has the downside of requiring that all products be marked with an expiration date.

Rather than filtering out expired products using an expiration date when fetching the data, Expired Products sets a field (products_does_expire) to indicate that the product does or does not expire. This allows you to pull all the products and then filter the results within the code, or filter out expired products when fetching them from the database.


  1. Download the latest version (
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. navigate to the "osc_expiredproducts" directory.
  4. Follow the instructions in 'expired_products.txt'.

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