Ali Gholami Rudi  committed 23b33d3

Fixed goto location with unicode filenames

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File docs/todo.txt

 * change pymacs to accept unicode strings
 * specifying refactoring options
 * new file/directory/module/package; C-x p n [fdmp]
+* find file and advanced maching
 * code assists when the buffer is changed causes problems

File ropemacs/

     def _goto_location(self, location):
         if location[0]:
-            lisp.find_file(location[0].real_path)
+            lisp.find_file(str(location[0].real_path))
         if location[1]:
     def _reload_buffers(self, changed_resources):
         for resource in changed_resources:
-            buffer = lisp.find_buffer_visiting(resource.real_path)
+            buffer = lisp.find_buffer_visiting(str(resource.real_path))
             if buffer and resource.exists():
                 lisp.revert_buffer(None, 1)