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Stefan Reichör  committed 4771d6e

Add new customization variable: ropemacs-completing-read-function

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File ropemacs/interface.py

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 The `rope-generate-autoimport-cache' reads this list and fills its
+(defcustom ropemacs-completing-read-function (if (and (boundp 'ido-mode)
+                                                      ido-mode)
+                                                 'ido-completing-read
+                                               'completing-read)
+  "Function to call when prompting user to choose between a list of options.
+This should take the same arguments as `completing-read'.
+Possible values are `completing-read' and `ido-completing-read'.
+Note that you must set `ido-mode' if using`ido-completing-read'."
+  :type 'function)
   'rope-confirm-saving 'ropemacs-confirm-saving)

File ropemacs/lisputils.py

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         values = [[value, value] for value in values]
     if exact and default is not None:
         prompt = prompt + ('[%s] ' % default)
-    result = lisp.completing_read(prompt, values, None, exact, starting)
+    result = lisp["ropemacs-completing-read-function"].value()(prompt, values,
+                                                               None, exact, starting)
     if result == '' and exact:
         return default
     return result