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 doesn't exist yet in Docutils 0.4, Sphinx has another base class called
 ``sphinx.util.compat.Directive`` that you can derive your directive from, and it
 will work with both Docutils 0.4 and 0.5 upwards.  The directive interface is
-covered in detail in the docutils documentation; the important thing is that the
+covered in detail in the `docutils documentation`_; the important thing is that the
 class has a method ``run`` that returns a list of nodes.
 The ``todolist`` directive is quite simple::
 used builder, and appending the todo node's (the target's) ID as the anchor
+.. _docutils documentation:


     def prepare_writing(self, docnames):
+        """A place where you can add logic before :meth:`write_doc` is run"""
         raise NotImplementedError
     def write_doc(self, docname, doctree):
+        """Where you actually write something to the filesystem."""
         raise NotImplementedError
     def write_doc_serialized(self, docname, doctree):


     except ImportError:
         Image = None
+# A good overview of the purpose behind these classes can be found here:
 class HTMLWriter(Writer):
     def __init__(self, builder):