=== 2.1.02alpha === * ALL: core__popup.js changes to resources and code to show button-response * ALL: Added sub-collection support (max 1 sub-level, using | as separator) * ALL: Calculator now saves and loads memory cells * ALL: Calendar and Events option on Standby/Shutdown * ALL: Added archive support to BrowseFolders * ALL: Added CBR/CBZ/CB7 reader (using BrowseFolders) * ALL: Added audio support to BrowseFolders * ALL: Added CLI App (not enabled by default) * ALL: Added actions: No Action, Goto various nodes, Delete Current Item, Pause/Play Audio * ALL: Interactive Fiction App using Frotz (all models) and Nitfol (600/x50) * ALL: Chess now uses Toga II v1.3.1 for AI; castling/en passant now properly handled * 300/505/600: Added Available Space Info to PRS+ About * 600/x50: Added Author List addon * 600/x50: Added Auto Standby/Shutdown Time options * 600/x50: Added Save Notepad Data addon * 600/x50: Added CrossWord App * x50: Added Touch Settings addon (Tap, Swipe & Zoom options) * x50: Home menu booklist: Added 'Select Collection' option & action * 650/350: Added PRS+ dictionary (still work in progress, but mostly functional) (put prspdict files into \database\system\PRSPlus\dictionary\ in the root drive. Use XDXF to PRS+ dictionary conveter to convert from XDXF visual format (available in downloads section). Use makedict (utility external to PRS+) to convert form many formats into XDXF visual format.

=== 2.0.18 === * ALL: Added scaling option to Standby Image * x50: Updated translations

=== 2.0.17 release candidate 3 === * x50: Fixed Issue #244 "books deleted using PC do not dissapear if scanning is "disabled (load cache)"" * ALL: Fixed missing translation * ALL: Fixed #237 ALL: Menu Customization is buggy * ALL: Fixed Issue #234 "Mah Jong reports "no more moves" when moves are still available"

=== 2.0.16 release candidate 2 (26.11.2011) === * ALL: Minor translation fixes (RUS, TUR) * ALL: StandbyImage: Fix for scaling bug in Sony code * 300/505/600: Added $a0 (no wrap space) to fonts (to be added to x50 in 2.1.x)

=== 2.0.15 release candidate (20.11.2011) === * ALL: Fixed #171 "The "Copy to IM..." menu items are not present in Card via Mount, if card scanning is not disabled" * ALL: Fixed bug that prevented SD/MS card scan mode from being changed on the fly * ALL: Fixed #214 MSG_COPYING_BOOK not translated * ALL: EPUB Css styles are now sorted * ALL: Fixes #215 fb2epub converter doesn't work with cards with disabled scanning * 350/650: Improved Dutch translation (drMerry) * 350/650: Fixed "Continue searching from the begining doesn't work" (Sony bug) * 350/650: Added 1-Column Split (quisvir) * x50: "Cycle booklist" action now also cycles through collections (quisvir) * x50: Added option to treat periodicals as books (quisvir) * x50: Fixed #211 that caused SD/MS card scan options to be ignored on the first boot * 600/x50: Added Page Turn by Single Tap (quisvir) * 600/x50: Close reading popup menu (dict etc) and cancel selection by tapping page (quisvir) * 600/x50: Fixed #207 Collection sorting broken for Cyrillic * 600: Fixed #197 "SD/MS card via mount" doesn't handle non-latin characters * 600: Added keyCodes and Hold keyCodes to key bindings * 600: Fonts updated to the latest version * 600: Added Turkish translation * 600: Changed "holding option button" default action to do "go to parent view" * 600: Shifted games to the bottom of "More" list

=== 2.0.14 beta === * x50: Fixed #128 books/collections sorting * x50: Fixed "Coming back to Home from an other menu takes long"

=== 2.0.13v2 beta === * 300/500: Fixed CoverPage as StandbyImage, fixed problem with next page after sleepmode * ALL: BrowseFolder patched with Shura1oplots FileSize in Comment & added FileType * ALL: Fixed russian localisation of "No Book, 1 Book, x Books"

=== 2.0.13 beta === * 505: Fixed #126 "images/audio lists are empty" * 505: Fixed #139 "Menu customizer values are not translated" * 505: Fixed #150 "Some options in the setup menu are not translated" needs reflash! not working with beta-pack on SD-Card * 505: Added #39 "Hold joypad arrows events" * x50: Fixed #120 "No keyboard in SP-EN dictionary" * x50: Enabled "half-page-mask" in landscape mode (like PRS-505), added option to set PDF-border-color to white * x50: Added option to preset custom Contrast and Brightness values (quisvir) * x50: Added option to toggle NEW-flag manually, hide standard collections and show reading-progress in home menu and thumbnail views (quisvir) * x50: Added Home Menu Booklist customization (quisvir) * 600/x50: Games moved into Games node * 600/x50: Added various Touch-Screen related options (disable dictionary and page-turn-gestures) * 600/x50: Enabled panning while ZoomLocked (quisvir) * ALL: Fonts: Added Korean alphabet (3131-314E unicode range), updated Czech d t l L letters, added up/down arrows * ALL: Added #70 "Make node containers accessible via menu customizer" * ALL: Added #24 "Displaying first page of the book on standby" * ALL: Screenshot: captured image is now visible to the user, not only to the system :) * ALL: BrowseFolders: added optional ".." item (by Shura1oplot) * ALL: Action are now grouped and have icons (by Shura1oplot) * ALL: New icons for utils and games (by surquizu, Shura1oplot, ?) * ALL: Updated existing games (Chess now comes with puzzles) * ALL: Added MineSweeper (by Mark Nord), Draughts, XO-Cubed and Solitaire (by Ben Chenoweth) * ALL: Added Calendar app (by Ben Chenoweth) * All: Added various "Standby" options (display book cover, last screen) (by Mark Nord)

=== 2.0.12 beta === * 505: Fixed German translation * ALL: Fixed Courier font name * ALL: Sudoku can be exited by pressing home button * 350/650: Fixed custom CSS path

=== 2.0.11 beta === * 300: Fixed broken XML in Spanish translation * 300: Added Ukrainian localization by Bookoman * 300/505: Fixed "actions do not work" * 300/505: Added French localization by sengian (installer) * 300/505: Fixed bug related to "Skip book menu" option * 505: Restored localizations * 505: Restored 1.1.3 menu layout with "Multimedia" * 600: Added Portuguese localization by OTNeto * 600: Added Czech localization by milanv * 600/x50: Fixed keyboard: "aaaa" is shown instead of ascented (popup) letters * 600/x50: TextScale addon was included * x50: Reduced statusbar index / clock font size, moved "playing" indicator to the left * x50: Fixed "Periodicals" * x50: Fixed sorting in "books" for non latin alphabets * 950: Added GMT+10 timezone * ALL: Screenshot: captured image is now immediatelly visible to the system * ALL: Folders: Added option to disable scanning without loading cache (as it was in 1.1.3) * ALL: Folders: Added "via mount" card access (uses Linux "mount" command instead of mtools like buggy utility) * ALL: Added "LRF Text Scale" addon that allows to customize zoom levels

=== 2.0.10 alpha === * x50: Fixed doRotate action * x50: Fixed #68 x50: Deleting books opened via Book History is bugged * x50: Fixed #66 x50: Collection editing broken, if collection node is not in the 4th slot * x50: Periodicals node no longer "unmovable", replaced with "Browse Folders" by default * x50: Added Belorussian / Ukranian chars (as popups) to keyboard * x50: Added rotate by 0 / 90 / 180 / 270 / clock wise / counter clock wize actions * 600: Added rotate by 90 action * 600: Added Belorussian / Ukranian chars (as popups) to keyboard * 600: Added #47&48 Spanish (by ?) & Catalan (by Alex Castrillo) localizations * 300/505: Added Dictionary (by Clemenseken, lysak, m-land, Mark Nord) * 300: Added #57 Spanish localization (by Carlos) * 300: Fixed #63 author/title sort in 2.0.5alpha not working (patch by * ALL: Added * Calculator by Mark Nord * Chess by Ben Chenoweth / Stefano Gioffre * Five in a Row by Ben Chenoweth * Five Balls by Clemenseken * Free Cell by Ben Chenoweth * Mahjong by Clemenseken * Sudoku by Obelix * ALL: Integrated fb2toepub converter (by Alexey Bobkov) * ALL: Added sample folders.cfg / EPUB css file that references LRF fonts * 300/505: PRPInstaller folder is deleted automatically after reboot (no need to reboot multiple times to delete it) * 350/650/950: Created "all in one" installer (Windows only)

=== 2.0.9 alpha (bugfixes/enhancements for x50) === * x50: Fixed "Holding option /zoom buttons should call "Go Back in Menus" and "Search" respectively" * 350/650: Fixed "Text Memo open => press root => reboot" * x50: Fixed ""more" node doesn't have parent if not visible" * ALL: Fixed "BrowseFolders view not refreshing on settings change, if there is a book open via BrowseFolders" * x50: "Fixed Page index in book is not updated when book is opened" * ALL: Implemented "goto TOC, doOption, doSearch, doRotate, doMenu, doSize, doRoot actions" * x50: Implemented "Russian phonetic keyboard (original keyboard xml by boroda)" * x50: Implemented "Latin-English and Latin-Georgian scrollbars"

=== 2.0.8 alpha (ported to 650/350) === * ALL: Added Core.config.userCSSFile support (instead of hardcoded style.css) * 650/350: Ported to 650 (tested) and 350 (should work :))

=== 2.0.7 alpha === * Implemented #? possibility to download files using web browser * ALL: Implemented # sort by filename, showing filename as comment

=== 2.0.6 alpha (ported to 950) === * ALL: "Fixed #34 MenuCustomizer should put unassigned nodes into default one" * ALL: Implemented #55 "'Jump to Folders' action" * ALL: Fixed #64 "Wrong german translation file" * 300: Fixed "next/prev" page actions consuming "goto page" key events * 600,x50: Added "books" scrollbar customization feature

=== 2.0.5 alpha === * 600: BrowseFolders will apear in "more", if not shown on the main page. * 300: Fixed sort by title (Russian locale)

=== 2.0.4 alpha === * ALL: Updated "about prs+" * ALL: Added Russian translation fixes by happyhgy * ALL: implemented #16 "88.1% (add decimal) in statusbar" * ALL: Fixed #36 (wrong Courier font name) * ALL: Fixed #17 "clock is not updated when going from standby"

  • 600: Temporary fix for #42
  • 600: Added Georgian keyboard (ergonomic)
  • 600: Fixed #28 "Stand-by image should be independent of screen orientation" (added landscape subfolder support, as there is no way to rotate the image"
  • 600: Fixed #41 "PRS+ Firmware version number missing on About page"
  • 600: Fixed #14 " by author/title sorting doesn't work for non latin chars"
  • 600: Implemented #26 Chinese localization
  • 600: Implemented #29 Italian localizaiton
  • 600: Fixed #23 (Calc not working)
  • 600: Added Georgian translation (by rawerfas)
  • 600: Implemented: #31 "Use Volume buttons to move through history"
  • 600: Fixed #37 " in IM is not called"

  • 300: Fixed DicitonaryCL

  • 300: Fixed #14 " * by author/title sorting doesn't work for non latin chars"
  • 300: Added Georgian translation (by rawerfas)
  • 300: Fixed #13 "back/fordward history actions do not work"
  • 300: Implemented #20 "bind default "hold numeric button" actions"
  • 300: First digit is ignored, if it is zero, when opening "goto" dialog
  • 300: Fixed "next/prev" page actions consuming "goto page" key events

=== 2.0.3 preview === * 600: added standby "wallpaper" feature (randomly showing /database/system/PRSPlus/wallpaper on standby) * 600: added option to open books directly from MS/SD card, with disabled scanning

=== 2.0.2 preview === * 300: Added "hold" events (researched by Mark Nord, implemented by kravitz) * 300: Fixed BH bug (list of books wasn't correctly updated) * 300: #Added libfskload

=== 2.0.1 preview === * 300: Added Italian localization * 300: Improved installer to support common 18060 firmware

=== 2.0.0 preview === * Big part of PRS+ code rewritten from scratch to simplify porting to new devices * Current version only supports 300

=== 1.1.3 ==== * Minor bugfixes (not worth updating from 1.1.2rc unless you delete books from collections all day long). === 1.1.2 release candidate === * Bugfixes === 1.1.1 beta === * Added Simplified Chinese translation by thawk * Amended most translations. * Changed !BookHistory to immediately open books instead of showing book menu. Renamed corresponding action from !ContinueReading to !BookHistory (<font color="red">as a result, old key binding to !ContinueReading won't work until reassigned</font>) * Fixed all known bugs (Dictionary path, EPUB zoom, !PageIndex's ppm/time left)

=== 1.1.0 beta === * Localization * Catalan by surquizu * Czech by Hobogen * Deutsch by Duglum & klawong & Mark Nord * English * French by Duglum & VICTORSJG * ქართული by kartu * Русский by SLL * Spanish by VICTORSJG & surquizu * page per minute / remaining time settings for !PageIndex * dictionary by Clemenseken & Lisac (to use it, put your dictionary files int /database/system/PRSPlus/dictionary. Dictionary files MUST have "dic" extension) * Book History by kravitz * option to set default zoom size, limit available zoom steps by kravitz * Main menu customization by kravitz * Introduced "safe mode", if reader is connected to USB during startup, PRS+ does not load. * PRS+ settings moved to /opt0, PRS+ addons and core are now built into firmware

=== 1.0.2 === ==== Script ==== * Added EpubUserStyle addon that allows to switch between files with .css extension located in /database/system/PRSPlus/epub folder * Added !TextEncoding addon, that allows to switch between Latin1 / win1521 encodings in text/rtf files. * Added mount/umount feature to !BrowseFolders (experimental). SD cards with folder structure of any complexity should now be accessible. Mounting and unmounting takes roughtly half a second. * Removed obsolete samples ==== Firmware ==== * Support for switching between win1251/Latin1 txt/rtf file encodings * Removed call from SD card, added . call to /database/system/PRSPlus/ (located in Internal Memory) * Added porkupan's (aka boroda) "is usb connected"check, if reader is connected via USB during startup, neither is called, nor LD_PRELOAD is set.

=== 1.0.1 == ==== Script ==== * Added chinese and Russian shell script samples * Added VICTORSJG's "menu index" * Fixed missing string problem for next/previous song actions. * Fixed NaN problem in epubs page index ==== Firmware ==== * Fixed call to

=== 1.0.0 === ==== Script ==== * Added settings to disable usage of "titleSorter" field. (useful in case someone has half-balked LRFs) * Added thawk's titleSorter support (titleSorter is an invisible field in LRF files that is used for sorting) * Added next/previous song actions by KrzyInuYasha * Added PRS+ version info to ABOUT * Fixed problem with screenshot confirmation message (it wasn't disappearing in some cases) * Fixed problem with "doCenter" like keys, caused by multiple keys being bound to a single function. * Fixed epub page number bug

==== Firmware ==== * Added win1251 to UTF-8 (cyrillic only) so file) (for "export LD_PRELOAD=/opt/sony/ebook/application/" hack) * Added call to /Data/database/system/PRSPlus/ file to startup shell script. * Added igorsk's to /opt/sony/ebook/application folder, with corresponding prspVm.xml file (used by dictionary and similiar apps)

=== 1.0.0 RC2 === ==== Script ==== * Fixed problem with "doCenter" like keys, caused by multiple keys being bound to a single function. * Fixed problem with screenshot confirmation message (it wasn't disappearing in case image was saved to internal memory)

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600/x50: Added CrossWord

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