Source Board

Source Board is an application consisting of a server and a client to collect and show events and actions from externals systems.

Connections with external systems are made through reapers that collect the information from the external systems. This information is passed to the client through a websocket connection for an instant update.


The following reapers are available:

  • Github Organisation - Collect events for a GitHub Organization
  • Trello Board - Collect information for a Trello Board
  • Active Collab - Skelleton only
  • Dokuwiki - Skeleton only


The server can be started by running the server.js file with node. This script takes the path to a configuration file as the first argument. A sample configuration can be found in config.json.sample.


See config.json.sample for now. Detailed information will follow soon.


Source Board is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for the complete license.