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HgBox is a small helper utility for usage with mercurial scm repositories. It helps you to keep your repositories in sync with a remote repository. It therefore starts periodically actions like e.g. push to and pull from the remote repository. This is especially helpful if you use mercurial as a kind of backup utility for important files and/or to sync files on different computers. HgBox is platform independent and programmed in Java, it should therefore work on all platforms supported by Java.


  • tray icon with menu for all functions
  • automatically push/pull/add/update. These actions could be individual configured per repository
  • configure as much repositories as you want
  • fast access/start of important repository functions by starting e.g. tortoisehg or open explorer
  • show statistics about the status of synchronisation


When you start hgbox a tray icon will be available in the toolbar to access all functions of the program:

Tray Icon in toolbar

If you right click on the icon, you will see the context menu with some common actions and a menu for each properly configured repository: Menus with some configured repositories

Each repository has a sub-menu with some common actions that could be chosen (independently from the scheduled jobs): Submenu for repository

You have the following menu entries:

  • Configure: This will open the configuration dialog to configure the repositories
  • Statistics: Shows statistics dialog for all repositories
  • Quit: quits the application


You need to configure each repository for hgbox. The repository needs to be already cloned and available in the file system.


Chosse "add" and give the entry a name, and the directory of the cloned repository. You need to activate the repository (otherwise no scheduled actions will be executed), and set some actions, e.g. push & pull. Click ok to finish the configuration.



The statistics dialog shows for each repository some statistics on the scheduled actions.


There is no installation routine. You have to do it your own. Download the archive and unpack it somewhere (usually in the windows program folder). You can then start the program by executing run.bat.

You probably want to start it automatically when you computer boots, therefore simply add a link of the run.bat into your windows startup folder. You can configure the same procedure on other systems, too.


  • You need tortoisehg properly installed and working. Get it from []. Hgbox will look at common installation folders and should therefore auto-detect the installation.
  • You need java installed

Have fun!