Marcin Kuzminski  committed 923d2f6

fixed issue with adding new group. template typo fix for empty group

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File rhodecode/model/

             # slugify repo group just in case :)
             slug = repo_name_slug(group_name)
+            print old_data
             # check for parent of self
-            if old_data['group_id'] == group_parent_id:
+            if edit and old_data['group_id'] == group_parent_id:
                     e_dict = {'group_parent_id':_('Cannot assign this group '
                                                   'as parent')}
                     raise formencode.Invalid('', value, state,

File rhodecode/templates/admin/repos_groups/repos_groups_show.html

             % else:
-                {_('There are no repositories groups yet')}
+                ${_('There are no repositories groups yet')}
             % endif