flowplayer_mixpanel_tracker / build.xml

<project name="Mixpanel Event Tracking for Flowplayer" default="deploy">
	<property file=""/>
    <property file=""/>

	<property file="../flowplayer.devkit/" />
	<import file="../flowplayer.devkit/plugin-build.xml"/>
	<property name="flowplayer_lib" value="../flowplayer.core/build/flowplayer-3.2.6-dev.swc" />
	<!-- The version number of our plugin, used in the zip and SWF file names -->
	<property name="version" value="0.1.1" />

	<!-- "basename" is the name of this plugin to be used in the SWF file name -->
	<property name="basename" value="flowplayer.mixpanel_tracker" />
	<property name="releasedir" value="flowplayer.mixpanel_tracker" />

	<!-- The main class of our plugin. This is the main class provided to the mxmlc compiler -->

    <property name="plugin-binary" value="${basename}.swf" />
    <property name="plugin-binary-versioned" value="${basename}-${version}.swf" />
	<property name="plugin-main-class" value="org/flowplayer/mixpanel_tracker/" />

		library-path should be defined if our plugin contains precompiled
		SWC files to be used in the compilation
	<property name="library-path" value="src/flash/default" />

	<!-- Location of the devkit -->
	<property name="devkit-dir" value="../flowplayer.devkit" />

		Note that some properties and tasks that usually don't need any
		modification were left out from this example.