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== QwerlyPyLib ==

Python Library for integrating with the qwerly api

=== Example ===

If you do not set a user agent it will default to "QwerlyPyLib"


from qwerlypylib import Qwerly


api = Qwerly(api_key, "Application User Agent")

# Get Profile
response = api.profile.get_by_email("my_crazy__username@gmail.com")

# Or Get Services
response = api.services.get_by_email("my_crazy__username@gmail.com")

if response.code == 200:
   json = response.body
   # Do what you want with the json

=== Django Integration ===
If your using Django, you can set the user agent and api key in your django settings by using the follwing in your setting.py file:


QWERLY_API_KEY = "Your Key Here"
QWERLY_USER_AGENT = "Application User Agent"


# your_code.py
from qwerlypylib import Qwerly
api = Qwerly()


Report issues here in BitBucket or contact mattotodd [at] gmail [dot] com